Course image Marking-off tools and equipment
Mechanical Fitter


KT0505 - 

  • Punches 
  • Scribers, 
  • Combination sets, 
  • Protractors,
  • Calipers (inside and outside), 
  • jenny caliper, 
  • Engineering square, 
  • Angle plates,
  • Marking-off table, 
  • Dividers

Course image Measuring tools
Mechanical Fitter


  • KT0504.1 Types of measuring tools 
  • KT0504.2 Defects of measuring tools
  • KT0504.3 Hazards associated with measuring tools
  • KT0504.4 Calibration and tolerances
  • KT0504.5 Selection and use of tools and related PPE
  • KT0504.6 Maintenance and storage of measuring tools
  • KT0504.7 Environmental requirements


Course image Engineering power, hydraulic and pneumatic tools
Mechanical Fitter


  • KT0503.1  Types of tools 
  • KT0503.2  Defects of power, hydraulic and pneumatic tools 
  • KT0503.3  Hazards associated with engineering power, hydraulic and pneumatic tools 
  • KT0503.4  Selection and use of tools and related PPE 
  • KT0503.5  Maintenance and storage of engineering power, hydraulic and pneumatic tools 
  • KT0503.6  Environmental requirements

Course image Engineering hand tools
Mechanical Fitter
  • KT0501.1  Types of tools 
  • KT0501.2  Defects of engineering hand tools 
  • KT0501.3  Hazards associated with engineering hand tools 
  • KT0501.4  Selection and use of tools and related personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • KT0501.5  Maintenance and storage of engineering hand tools 
  • KT0501.6  Environmental requirements 

Course image Engineering materials
Mechanical Fitter
  • KT0401 - Types of engineering materials 
  • KT0402 - Physical properties of engineering materials 
  • KT0403 - Common properties 
  • KT0404 - Methods of processing engineering materials 
  • KT0405 - Methods of manufacturing 
  • KT0406 - Common metal tests 
  • KT0407 - Heat treatment processes 
  • KT0408 - Changes in metal properties 
  • KT0409 - Environmental effects 
  • KT0410 - Types of profiles 

Course image Workplace health, safety and environmental protection-KM-01
Mechanical Fitter

  • KT0201 Legislation and regulations for workplace safety
  • KT0202 Occupation health and safety legislation
  • KT0203 Safety precautions and safe practices for working within the industry
  • KT0204 Personal protective equipment
  • KT0205 Safety symbols and color-coding
  • KT0206 Fundamentals of isolating and locking out equipment and circuits
  • KT0207 Fundamentals of securing worksites
  • KT0208 Protection devices
  • KT0209 Causes, prevention, and control of fires
  • KT0210 Hazard identification and risk principles
  • KT0211 Environmental, protection, and pollution concepts
  • KT0212 Basic first Aid
  • KT0213 Incident reporting.
  • KT0214 Evacuation procedures.

Course image Introduction to the Fitting Trade
Mechanical Fitter
  • KT0101 Career opportunities for a qualified fitter
  • KT0102 Occupational profile of a fitter
  • KT0103 Legislation related to apprentices in the fitting trade

Course image Engineering drawings
Mechanical Fitter
  • KT0301 Freehand drawing
  • KT0302 Code of practice for engineering drawing (symbols and abbreviations)
  • KT0303 Drawing instruments and equipment
  • KT0304 Dimensioning Methods
  • KT0305 Isometric Drawings
  • KT0306 Assembly and detailed drawings