Rigger Ropes Man

The following modules are done during training:

Basic Training
  • Hand Tools:
    Reading of engineering drawings
    Use of measuring instruments and marking off of materials
    Using a drilling machine, grinder, welding machine and oxy-acetylene equipment
  • Identify and coil ropes
  • Operate oxy-acetylene cutting equipment
  • Perform Basic Arc welding
  • Whip and seize ropes
  • Worm, parcel and serve a rope
  • Tie knots and bends
  • Tie hitches
  • Check and use ladders
  • Erect temporary work platforms
  • Splice manila rope
  • Splice wire rope
  • Reeve blocks (1)
  • Hints for riggers
Advance Training
  • Check and maintain lifting equipment and rigging hardware
  • Lift and move equipment
  • Splice a non-spin wire rope
  • Erect and use a tripod
  • Erect and use an “A” frame
  • Erect and use a raised pole
  • Reeve blocks (2)
  • Inspect and identify faults in winding ropes
  • Prepare a hoist rope test specimen
  • Inspect a safety detaching hook
  • Examine and use overhead cranes
  • Winch a load into a tower
Final Training

During Final Training, learners receive intensive training to prepare them for the Trade Test. Training during this period includes all modules trained in during the Basic, Advanced training phases.

For more information and specific modules, please feel free to contact UMF-TC’s engineering (administration) Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.